What I Learned from the Migration of this Website to Azure App Service

The Problem Statement

I recently realized that this website has been down. It was running on Azure Container Instances with the image pulled from my repository in DockerHub. container instance cannot retreieve the image from DockerHub any more.


I would like to take this opportunity to enable CICD for the website, and to move away from DockerHub.

The Resolution

After some exploration, I found the below a cost effective solution for me: * Set up GitHub Actions to set up a Python environment, generate contents and commit the out files to another GitHub repository. You can do all these using the free plan of GitHub. * Create an Azure App Service Static Web App that point to the repository hosting the published contents. There is a free hosting option available. * Configure Azure DNS to point the domain names to the URL of the static web app. I followed the steps here but some instructions are outdated so it did take a bit of guesswork and experimentation. It takes a while for the changes made at my domain name provider to take effect so that I can continue with some steps in configuring the custom domain names of my static web app. * Make changes and commit.

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