About Me

I am a programmer who likes to learn new things. I have been doing programming for many years. My experience is mostly with Java but I have programmed in many other languages such as C#, Perl, Python, R, OCaml, Shell scripting, and Visual Basic. I came to know about Scala in 2013 through Coursera and have been having fun with it since then.

My areas of interest include OOP and FP, algorithms, software craftsmanship, software testing, microservices and RESTful APIs, distributed computing, reactive programming, relational database tuning, among many others.

About This Site

This site is dedicated to programming, in particular object-oriented programming and functional programming. Both OOP and FP provide a nice high-level abstraction that is of tremendous help to programmers. Each is more suitable at certain scenarios - and that’s why I like Scala because you get the (almost) best of both worlds.

To quote what Michael Feathers, author of Working with Legacy Code, tweeted back in Nov 2010.

OO makes code understandable by encapsulating moving parts. FP makes code understandable by minimizing moving parts.

For a start, my blog posts are all about Play Framework. Other categories will be added later.